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A Gateway to the Flabbergasting Wonders of Sri Lanka-Colombo

By Amanda Smith, Posted on 24 Sep, 2021 at 08:23 am

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Located on the island's west coast, considered a commercial city, and the largest city of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a gateway to the flabbergasting wonders. It features a river of colonial heritage that is a melting pot of different cultures and religion. You will surely love to plunge into the vibrant food scene where you can eat like a local. Let yourself immerse in the sweeping vistas and breathtaking sights, aroma, and sounds of the whirling Pettah Bazaar. Colombo is an eclectic combo of both shining Colombo hotels and swanky neighboring aesthetic red-tile buildings that will leave you amazed. Colorful silks, fragrant spices, fresh fruit, and vegetables are breaking up the entire bustling street. Cherish the tuk-tuk ride across the city and enjoy a round of golf at extraordinary picturesque places. You will also come across to the paradise of shops, lovely boutiques boasting international brands, and smashing shops that promise flamboyant art and textured fabrics. This seaside city has endless things to offer; you will experience exhilarating adventures, experience new things, and dazzling places to visit.

What's more? Curious? Let's discover!

Things Do and See:

From rustic beach sides to sumptuous colonial mansions, there's everything in Colombo that matches your tastes and desires. But, if you are a first-time visitor and don't know where to go, we have sorted it for you. Let's have a look below:

Lotus Tower:

One of the colossal freestanding structures of South Asia, Colombo Lotus Tower is 368 meters. A trip to this coolest spot will reward you with uninterrupted views throughout Colombo and the sea. Check out the telecom museum, a revolving fine-dining restaurant, a hotel, shopping mall, and indoor and outdoor observation areas. It's a worth visiting spot, especially at night, as this tower is wrapped with LED lights, presenting the seasonally themed flashes of lightning. Moreover, you will also come across a replica of a lotus bulb and flower, representing the country's historical culture.

National Museum of Colombo:

Sri Lanka National Museum, one of the official museums of Sri Lanka, will take you back in time to more than a thousand years of Sri Lankan culture. From artworks to artifacts, from clothing to jewelry, from coins to arms and media, you can get to see all at this iconic museum only. This museum showcases both the natural and cultural heritage of the museum, from prehistory to the present day. Give yourself enough time to capture all the iconic collections of the museum.

Sri Lanka Planetarium:

One and the only and also, the first planetarium of Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka Planetarium, and it is the best way if you are looking for an escape from the sun. You will find this planetarium at the University of Colombo. Make your way towards Independence Square, and you will see the public entrance. After stepping in there, you will see a massive auditorium with a domed ceiling and the night sky and its constellations cast onto it. No doubt, it's a must-visit place for Instagrammers as the structure of this planetarium is architecturally pleasing to the eye.

How to Get Around In Colombo?

Like many other sprawling cities, traffic congestion brings Colombo grind to a halt, especially on weekdays. And, if you aren't sure what to do or how to get around, don't fret. We are right here for you. So, read on!


One of the most effective ways to get around your best-loved spot is by bus. Ask someone at the nearest bus stop if you are visiting for the first time and get there. The bus will arrive and will take you to your lovely spot. Try to sign on for the front seats.


If you are looking for some cheap transportation options, a taxi is an ultimate option for you. Most taxis have meters so, fare won't be an issue, but some drivers don't use them. So, make sure that before sitting in, the fare should be agreed upon.


It is also the best option if you want to get around the suburbs peppering the Galle Road – Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya, Wellawatta, Dehiwala, and Mt Lavinia. The line follows the seashore, so you will also get to treat your eyes to the fascinating vistas. Service is frequent but make sure that before you hop on, check out that it stops at all stations, or you will end up in Galle.

Best Hotels to Book for Your Trip:

Let's make your stay comfortable with our top 5 chosen hotels in Sri Lanka Colombo. From nice suites to world-class hotels, Colombo has all. So, check them below!

Ramada Colombo:

Ramada Colombo is one of the most welcoming hotels that will surely brighten your stay with its lovely services and amenities. Play a round of golf or take advantage of the casino. Check out the business center and appreciate the room service and laundry services. Let all the worries fly away by diving in an outdoor pool or simply bless your taste buds at one of the best restaurants. Enjoy the night at the bar frantically or grab a cup of coffee and take in uninterrupted views.

Hilton Colombo:

This fanciest hotel overlooks the Indian Ocean and Beira Lake. Bless your eyes with incredible views while having dinner at one of the dining outlets. As you look into the hotel, spacious rooms with oversized windows privilege you with picturesque views. Moreover, the bathrooms are adorned with marble boasting baths and separate shower areas. Enjoy wholeheartedly with your friends in a karaoke bar all night long. After an active workout, delight in the hot tub at the fitness center or tennis court.

Ozo Colombo:

Ozo Colombo is one of the best hotels that welcomes guests with an outdoor swimming pool and a buffet-style restaurant. Located in a contemporary building, this hotel promises natural sunlight and uninterrupted vistas in several rooms. The stylish guestrooms are well-equipped and well-adorned.  Moreover, the en suite bathrooms of this hotel are equipped with all necessary amenities. Sip a cocktail at the elegant bar and enjoy the flabbergasting views.

Cinnamon Grand Colombo:

This flavorful hotel is just according to your taste and is located in the center of Colombo. Relax in an award-winning spa, rest in luxurious rooms and suites, and dive in outdoor swimming pools, all you can have at this hotel. Choose one of the best and plush restaurants to raise a toast to success and taste happiness like never before.  You will also get breakfast in bed. Everything is within your reach, whether you want to grab a cup of coffee or simply want to take in the relaxing reviews.

Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo:

Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo is a 5-star resort hotel that fills your stay with different flavors of breathtaking panoramas. This beautiful hotel with clean rooms is located in amazing locations. Take advantage of hearty meals at sumptuous restaurants. Calm yourself in one of the stylish rooms and enjoy watching a movie on a flat-screen TV while having a yummilicious meal and coffee/tea. Savor the unspotted views from your balcony or laze around in your spacious room with a separate living room.

5 Things You Must Know Before Traveling To Sri Lanka:

  • Don't Photograph the soldiers
  • Don't miss the rice and curry, or you will regret it later
  • Don't ride the elephants-they might mind it.
  • Don't miss the unforgettable views of the hill country, catch a train for it
  • Slurp a sip of the tea-it's a must-do thing

Wrapping up, Colombo is a great mix of fascinating culture and enticing heritage. Asians consider it the top-most vacation destination spot of Sri Lanka. It offers beyond what a visitor can ever expect. Colombo will fulfill your every desire and taste from the best accommodations options to the heart relaxing seaside. You can visit this all-embracing city at any time as it has a tropical climate. You will be warmly welcome in each spot of this city and will fill you up with lifetime memories. To make your visit hassle-free, try to book your hotel in Sri Lanka Colombo a little earlier. So, catch your flight and land in the city!

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